Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems


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RO Water Systems

Commercial & Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

RO Water Systems is an engineering company dedicated to the design, development and construction of water purification systems and equipment, using Reverse Osmosis technology.

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  • Why use Reverse Osmosis? +

    With reverse osmosis, a very high percentage (99%) of retention of both contaminated and undissolved water contaminants is achieved, covering a wide range of applications. Easy installation and manteinance.
  • What type of applications can it be used? +

    We provide custom water treatment systems for a wide range of industries such as: Food and Beverage industry, Aquariums, Oil & Gas, Residential, Construction, Naval Industry, Commercial and recreational
  • Design & Customization +

    We carry out design work for specific applications. We also customize our solutions according to customer requirements.
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